Volunteers are at the heart of ASCRS’ existence. Collectively, they accomplish incredible work on behalf of the Society and specialty. ASCRS strives to assure a wide range of committee involvement opportunities for members.

Committee Members and Leadership Policies

On February 21, 2018, the Executive Council approved the Policy for Committee Membership to ensure each committee exemplifies diversity of experiences, competencies and demographics. On February 11, 2019, the Executive Council approved the Policy for the Selection and Responsibility for Committee Leadership within the ASCRS.

International Committee

The International Committee awards the ASCRS International Traveling Scholarships.

Claudia Hriesik - Chair
Richard P. Billingham - Advisor
Wolfgang B. Gaertner - Vice Chair
Maher A. Abbas - Member
Badma N. Bashankaev - Member
Jasna Coralic - Member
Nadav Dujovny - Member
Susan Galandiuk - Member
Ibrahim E. Gecim - Member
Rebekah S. Kim - Member
Won-Suk Lee - Member
Zheng Liu - Member
Thaer Obaid - Member
Carlo Ratto - Member
Arceu Scanavini Neto - Member
Mattias Soop - Member
Akira Sugita - Member
George E. Theodoropoulos - Member