Volunteers are at the heart of ASCRS’ existence. Collectively, they accomplish incredible work on behalf of the Society and specialty. ASCRS strives to assure a wide range of committee involvement opportunities for members.

Committee Members and Leadership Policies

On February 21, 2018, the Executive Council approved the Policy for Committee Membership to ensure each committee exemplifies diversity of experiences, competencies and demographics. On February 11, 2019, the Executive Council approved the Policy for the Selection and Responsibility for Committee Leadership within the ASCRS.

Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the scientific program at the Annual Scientific Meeting. They ensure that all educational and training products reflect the Society's vision and mission without regard to outside influences and they develop, implement and sustain an integrated educational strategy for professionals.

Brian R. Kann - Chair
Timothy J. Ridolfi - Chair
Konstantin Umanskiy - Chair
Traci L. Hedrick - Vice Chair
Michael B. Hopkins - Vice Chair
Radhika K. Smith - Vice Chair
Emily Steinhagen - Vice Chair
Maher A. Abbas - Member
Suraj Alva - Member
Louis R. Barfield - Member
Liliana Bordeianou - Member
Kyle G. Cologne - Member
Bard C. Cosman - Member
David A. Etzioni - Member
Sandy H. Fang - Member
Linda M. Farkas - Member
Fergal J. Fleming - Member
Aakash H. Gajjar - Member
Kerry L. Hammond - Member
Karin M. Hardiman - Member
Daniel O. Herzig - Member
Jennifer Holder-Murray - Member
Stefan D. Holubar - Member
Christine C. Jensen - Member
Kevin R. Kasten - Member
Mukta K. Krane - Member
Mary R. Kwaan - Member
Sean J. Langenfeld - Member
Elise H. Lawson - Member
Steven A. Lee-Kong - Member
David J. Maron - Member
John Migaly - Member
Jonathan B. Mitchem - Member
Lynn M. O'Connor - Member
James W. Ogilvie - Member
Ian M. Paquette - Member
Jitesh A. Patel - Member
Emily C. Paulson - Member
Vitaliy Y. Poylin - Member
Jan Rakinic - Member
Luz M. Rodriguez - Member
Chitra N. Sambasivan - Member
Stephen M. Sentovich - Member
Josef A. Shehebar - Member
Jesse J. Smith - Member
Michael J. Stamos - Member
Sharon L. Stein - Member
David B. Stewart - Member
Scott A. Strong - Member
Brian P. Teng - Member
Charles A. Ternent - Member
Kelly M. Tyler - Member
Madhulika G. Varma - Member
Yi-Qian N. You - Member