Volunteers are at the heart of ASCRS’ existence. Collectively, they accomplish incredible work on behalf of the Society and specialty. ASCRS strives to assure a wide range of committee involvement opportunities for members.

Committee Members and Leadership Policies

On February 21, 2018, the Executive Council approved the Policy for Committee Membership to ensure each committee exemplifies diversity of experiences, competencies and demographics. On February 11, 2019, the Executive Council approved the Policy for the Selection and Responsibility for Committee Leadership within the ASCRS.

Healthcare Economics Committee

The Healthcare Economics Committee is responsible for presenting information on issues affecting the colon and rectal surgeon to Congress and agencies of the federal government. The committee's responsibilities include keeping members informed on these issues and tracking developments in managed care, regulatory, legislative, and other issues that impact coding, billing, and reimbursement for colorectal services.

Walter R. Peters - Chair
Jeffrey L. Cohen - Vice Chair
Guy R. Orangio - Advisor
Charles B. Whitlow - Council Rep
Jeffrey B. Albright - Member
Nawar A. Alkhamesi - Member
Elizabeth Arcila - Member
Amir L. Bastawrous - Member
Rebeccah B. Baucom - Member
George A. Blestel - Member
Douglas A. Brewer - Member
Christopher J. Chow - Member
Jessica N. Cohan - Member
Donald B. Colvin - Member
Edward P. DelleDonne - Member
Nadav Dujovny - Member
Joshua M. Eberhardt - Member
Timothy M. Geiger - Member
Francesco Grasso - Member
William J. Harb - Member
Emina H. Huang - Member
Lyen C. Huang - Member
Kristina H. Johnson - Member
David A. Margolin - Member
Jan Nagle - Member
Juan J. Nogueras - Member
David P. O'Brien - Member
Jitesh A. Patel - Member
Fabio M. Potenti - Member
Sonia L. Ramamoorthy - Member
Stephen M. Sentovich - Member
Charles A. Ternent - Member
Steven S. Tsoraides - Member
Kelly M. Tyler - Member