Volunteers are at the heart of ASCRS’ existence. Collectively, they accomplish incredible work on behalf of the Society and specialty. ASCRS strives to assure a wide range of committee involvement opportunities for members.

Committee Members and Leadership Policies

On February 21, 2018, the Executive Council approved the Policy for Committee Membership to ensure each committee exemplifies diversity of experiences, competencies and demographics. On February 11, 2019, the Executive Council approved the Policy for the Selection and Responsibility for Committee Leadership within the ASCRS.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Committee

The Inflammatory Bowel Disease Committee will focus on clinical practices and research.

Scott A. Strong - Chair
Sergey Khaitov - Vice Chair
Amy L. Lightner - Co-Chair
Sharon L. Stein - Council Rep
Mohammed Bayasi - Member
Daniel I. Chu - Member
William C. Cirocco - Member
Richard J. Davies - Member
Samuel G. Eisenstein - Member
Phillip R. Fleshner - Member
Eric M. Haas - Member
Stefan D. Holubar - Member
Neil H. Hyman - Member
Brian R. Kann - Member
Muneera R. Kapadia - Member
Walter A. Koltun - Member
Edward C. Lee - Member
Amosy E. M'Koma - Member
David J. Maron - Member
David J. Maron - Member
Maria Michailidou - Member
Steven D. Mills - Member
Matthew G. Mutch - Member
Scott E. Regenbogen - Member
Aaron S. Rickles - Member
Daniel C. Rossi - Member
Julia T. Saraidaridis - Member
Ankit Sarin - Member
Akira Sugita - Member
Erin A. Teeple - Member
Lauren R. Wilson - Member
James Yoo - Member