The ASCRS Travel and Career Development Award Applications are now closed.

The ASCRS International Committee offers several international travel awards to attend the 2024 ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting in Baltimore, MD, USA. These awards are awarded primarily to underserved regions of the world, yet the committee is open to considering applications from any young surgeon participating in the development of colorectal training or treatment programs in their country.

ASCRS remains committed to supporting education, research, and expansion of the specialty of colorectal surgery, particularly in the underserved regions of the world. The focus of these awards will be on colorectal surgeons practicing outside of the United States and Canada, in parts of the world where the specialty of colorectal surgery is not well established and in areas of great need. These awards are designed to identify young surgeons with a high potential to advance the specialty within their community. Up to seven awards are granted annually.

The ASCRS International Committee provides two options:
Travel Award: To attend the ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting with a purpose of furthering the awardee's practice.
Career Development Award: To attend the ASM and to further your career development by attending a specialty institution for an experience working in a clinical environment. The criteria for this award will focus on active research and/or teaching.

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Ideal candidates should:

  • Be active in research and/or teaching,

  • Have been published or wish to pursue an academic career

  • Show a high potential to advance the specialty of colorectal surgery within their communities

Selection of the awarded recipients will be based on the applicant’s experience, dedication, and potential to impact the specialty and his or her community.
Please note: These awards are not intended for senior and/or well-established colorectal surgeons. The awards are intended for general or colorectal surgeons who have completed residency and are in their first three years of practice in colorectal surgery or a similar GI practice in areas where the specialty of colorectal surgery does not exist.
The candidate must:

  • Be a colorectal surgeon (or similar GI practice if colorectal surgery does not exist),

  • Be a currently practicing surgeon, but not in practice more than 3 years,

  • Demonstrate a commitment to practice in the subspecialty of colorectal surgery,

  • Be available to attend the next ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting, and

  • Demonstrate interest in and opportunity to expand the field of colorectal surgery in their community.

Please note: All documents must be typed and submitted in English.

  1. Completed application form

  2. Two letters of reference with one of the references from the applicant’s department chair or program director

  3. A current and complete curriculum vitae

  4. A letter stating:

    • Background and ambitions within colorectal surgery

    • Perceived personal and community needs

    • Potential to expand colorectal surgical services in the country of origin

    • Future career plans

All applications will be reviewed by the ASCRS International Committee. Applicants will receive notification of final decisions from the International Committee by email.
Recipient Responsibilities

  • Attend the next ASCRS Annual Meeting.

  • Give a 3- to 5-minute presentation to the ASCRS International Committee regarding the colorectal specialty in the recipient’s home country.

  • Consider submitting an abstract for the ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting.

The International Committee is the determining authority. In any year, the committee may recommend awarding a lesser number of or no awards and may elect to modify the funding offered.
The awards are non-transferable.