The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS) is a community of health care professionals who are dedicated to advancing the understanding, prevention and treatment of disorders of the colon, rectum and anus. This mission could not be carried out without the dedication and commitment of the ASCRS Executive Council and committee members.

Executive Council

ASCRS Officers

Thomas E. Read, MD

Conor P. Delaney, MD, PhD

Past President
Neil H. Hyman, MD

Vice President
Matthew G. Mutch, MD

Najjia N. Mahmoud, MD

Sonia L. Ramamoorthy, MD

Research Foundation President
Ronald Bleday, MD

   Charles M. Friel, MD           (2019–2022)  
 Jan Rakinic, MD                    (2019–2022)  
  Sharon L. Stein, MD             (2019-2022)  


  Liliana G. Bordeianou, MD  (2020–2023)
 Craig A. Reickert, MD           (2020–2023)
 Elizabeth C. Wick, MD          (2020–2023)
  Debra H. Ford                        (2021-2024) 
 Jonathan A. Laryea, MD       (2021–2024)  
 Scott R. Steele, MD, MBA     (2021–2024)