Pelvic Floor Consortium Re-Ignite: From Updates to Mapping of Future Direction

Title: Standardizing our Descriptors of Rectal Prolapse Surgery

Purpose: Pelvic Floor Disorders Consortium Re-Ignite: Mapping of Future Directions in Rectal Prolapse Surgery Research and Quality Improvement

Rationale: Our main working focus for the event will involve discussion on how we perform rectal prolapse surgery. While we a use a variety of  surgical approaches, there is a lack of standardization of surgery descriptors in operative notes and publications on rectal prolapse surgery. This lack of description, in turn, makes research on which surgical maneuvers lead to what patient outcome difficult. How do you define and measure prolapse? Do you ligate lateral stalks? Do you perform an anterior dissection of the Pouch off Douglas? Do you close the peritoneum? Do you use mesh? The goal of this consortium meeting will be to discuss terminology and  common variations in approach to rectal prolapse surgery and to develop a common reporting template for rectal prolapse and multicompartment prolapse operations. Such templates can drive rectal prolapse surgery care, surgical quality improvement, teaching, learning and database development.

Please join us in these important conversations that will shape the future of rectal prolapse care and research and make your clinical expertise and opinion heard.  

It has been a lonely two years of virtual meetings, and we look forward to this year's meeting as an opportunity to reconnect with friends and facilitate networking  with colorectal surgeons, urogynecologists, physiotherapists, urologists,  advanced care providers and other experts caring for patients with pelvic floor disorders and rectal prolapse.

Join Us: Friday, April 29, 2022, 8:00 - 10:30am EDT

Marriott Water Street Hotel
Grand Ballroom Tampa, FL 33602

In  this all-hands-on-deck session, we will maximize interaction amongst members through roundtable discussions. In these conversations, we will take stock of our multi-societal progress to date and map the direction for our future collaborative projects across our consortium of collaborating societies.   

Who can participate? All Pelvic Floor Consortium Members from all affiliated societies and ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting attendees are welcome.     

This meeting takes place the day before the 2022 ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting starts. If you would like to register for the Annual Meeting, visit the registration page.
Please register early to ensure we have enough room and refreshments.


With representatives from different subspecialties, the Pelvic Floor Disorders Consortium takes a multidisciplinary approach to enhancing patient care. For 2020, the spotlight and the preliminary research of our workgroups has been on multicompartment pelvic organ prolapse (POP). Members of these workgroups have been preparing to discuss important topics such as standardization of the physical exam, testing, imaging, physical therapy and surgical principles. In this first virtual forum, the Pelvic Floor Consortium will convene for a review of the work done by these workgroups. Join us for this important discussion, debate and consensus building. Additional virtual forums will be dedicated to the discussion of the work done by each of the other workgroups created.  To see our previous work, contribute to future work by joining the Pelvic Floor Disorders Consortium, please visit the consortium page HERE.