Video Mentorship Series

The ASCRS video mentorship series aims to build a community of learners who regularly engage in intraoperative video-based coaching sessions using a learner-contributory moderated format with the goal of sharing operative techniques and improving procedural confidence. 

The steps identified in the curriculum below will each be the topic of a webinar in the series. During the webinar, the videos will be presented anonymously. Moderators will review and provide commentary on several videos on the webinar topic and respond to questions submitted by attendees in real time.

The following curriculum has been established, each topic focused on ONE STEP of ONE PROCEDURE:
  1. Finding the left ureter in diverticulitis or obesity
  2. High ligation of IMA and IMV
  3. Robotic splenic flexure takedown
  4. Minimally invasive stapling in the deep pelvis
  5. Finding the correct TME plane
  6. Finding the correct plane in a right colon
  7. Encircling and ligation of an intersphincteric fistula track
  8. High ligation of the middle colic
  9. Strictureplasty
  10. Fixation of mesh to the pelvic floor during ventral mesh rectopexy
  11. Left and right sided anastomotic techniques (including intracorporeal, double purse string, natural orifice extraction)
  12. Rectal mucosal flaps
Call for Videos Now Open 
Video submissions are being accepted now through Sunday, December 13. Please review these guidelines in full prior to submitting your video.

ASCRS Members can submit video files for review on any of the topics listed above for possible presentation during the series. All video files will undergo a single-blind review process and if selected they will be presented anonymously during the webinar.

Video files must be 2 – 7 minutes in length of continuous uncut footage, showing only one step of a procedure as identified in the curriculum.

Submit your video HERE.

Registration will open soon. Registration for the 2021 Video Mentorship Series includes access to live webinars and recorded sessions in the ASCRS Online Learning Center. Registration is free to ASCRS members and $20 for non-members.

A list of 2021 video review dates and procedure descriptions will be added to this page and our webinars page as they become available. 

For questions or more information, please contact Steffanye Hawbaker Mack at [email protected].