Conor P. Delaney

2022 to 2023

I can't thank everybody and the Society enough for their privilege and opportunity to have had this year, and now to give this talk. And I was trying to think of, you know, how to follow talks that so many people here in the room past presidents have given these talks of what, what I would talk about. And I thought I would talk about something that I think has been important to me and has certainly been a factor in the evolution of my career, and I think is really important for all of us. And I keep getting asked, you know, why have I, you see, I mean, it's so true. I love operating. There's nothing more than, than getting into the operating room and always going for that perfect operation, right? And so why am I not doing that anymore? And it's in ways sometimes hard to explain, but in ways, I think sometimes easy to explain. So I'm going to talk a little bit about that. And I know there are a number of people in the audience who have jobs just like mine.
And I also know that all of you in the audience lead your own teams and are leaders. But these are some of my reflections around it. Also, I think it is important to bring up the fact. And, and I hear often that, you know, while administration does this to me, administration did that to me. And just as a reflection that the administrative side of the hospitals that we all work in and the care sites we all work in, they are certainly not the enemy. And our opportunity is to provide more clinical perspective and experience to them to help them or join in and do it ourselves. Uh, shape healthcare, which is something that is complicated and moving fast, and then maybe to the younger members in the audience to, to show you that it's not just a triple threat of clinical care, research and education. But the operational side of things is really an important fourth arm, to our leadership.