Clement J. De Bere

1940 to 1941

In the last few years a conviction has arisen, both within and without the medical profession, that some means should be taken to compel those who practice as specialists to have had adequate training to warrant them in making use of the name of "specialist." This idea was foreibly brought forth in the Surrey of Education, made by Willard C. Rappleye for the Department of the Interior of the United States Government in 1930. In one of the concluding paragraphs on this report on "Medical Education," he says, "the training of specialists is another phase of the larger problems of training personnel to meet needs of the country. The time will come when the medical profession and the public authorities will devise ways and means of guaranteeing to the public that those who claim to be specialists are, in fact, competent by training and experience to perform the service they claim to be able to render."