Curtis C. Mechling

1933 to 1934

A time-honored custom of this Society since its inception has decreed that the President shall address it at the beginning of each annual meeting. This is a fine practice since the speaker usually is a veteran in its membership, one who has worked in it long and who loves it much.

This is the Thirty-fifth Annual Meeting, and I am deeply sensible of the honor of being selected to preside over its deliberations, and also as the successor to the long line of honorable and capable men who have preceded me in this office. I am asking for your unselfish cooperation and support in our deliberations. My happy acquaintanceship and contacts with you over a period of years completely assure me that this is forthcoming.

Since no one is endowed with the gift of prophesy, my remarks can only follow the general trend of the columnist in his daily letter bearing such captions as "It Seems to Me," or "I Dare Say."

A survey of our membership, both Fellows and Associates, should give us much satisfaction. It enrolls the names of the outstanding physicians who limit their practice to proctologic disease.