David J.Schoetz, Jr.

2003 to 2004

I wish to extend my humble gratitude to the membership for the privilege of having served as your 97th president (5 have served twice); this represents a singular professional and personal honor. Particular thanks to the Executive Council for their sage advice during the year; they, in conjunction with our management team at EAI, have helped steer the organization through exciting and potentially difficult decisions and developments. I cannot omit my partners at the Lahey Clinic, who have allowed and endured my absences to perform Society business. Similarly, I am grateful to my friends and colleagues both inside the specialty and out, who have been more than willing to impart wise counsel and personal opinions regarding all manner of Society and specialty business. Finally, and first, I must thank my family and particularly my “appreciably better half” for encouraging and supporting my professional career over the years; without them, none of this would have been even remotely possible.

When one assumes the presidency, most of the past presidents assure you that your presidential address is the single most daunting task of the year; I agree. As one seeks inspiration for a topic of sufficient importance to be worthy of presentation, it occurs to you that this represents one of the few opportunities in your life (particularly if you have children) to present your personal passion for up to 25 uninterrupted minutes without any argument.