Edward G. Martin

1928 to 1929

As President of the American Proctologic Society; in behalf of the Detroit members and men who are allied with us in Proctology, and in the name of the Wayne County Medical Society I would like to offer my most sincere and cordial welcome to you.

We have made an attempt to have an interesting program this year. We have had some very fine co-operation. I hope that you all will have a mighty good time here and I hope the meeting will be pleasant and profitable.

Our exhibitors have been very kind in co-operating with us. Those having books on proctology and allied subjects have been willing and anxious to loan us their publications for exhibit. The Hanes table will be on exhibit. The Buie table is also in the exhibit room for your inspection. You will be shown a film which is perhaps one of the most outstanding films of stomach and intestinal peristalsis. There are many interesting and modern proctologic instruments on exhibition. In the scientific exhibit we are particularly indebted to Dr. Charles E. Pope of the Mayo Clinic and he will explain his work on the circulation of the sigmoid and rectum. We have specimens of carcinoma of the sigmoid. There are several from Harper Hospital, and the Ford Hospital has placed a very adequate exhibit of mounted specimens.