George B. Evans

1908 to 1909

It is a great privilege and honor to preside over the deliberations of this Society. From the very beginning I considered it the greatest honor of my professional life to be invited to become one of the charter members of a society devoted exclusively to proctology. There is no greater satisfaction in life to the man who is upright and whole-souled, than to feel that he has the confidence and esteem of his co-laborers. The greatest proof of my interest in the growth and welfare of this Society lies in the fact that I have been present at every meeting, and listened to every paper and discussion. As the hand on the dial points to the hour when the “clans must gather to the trysting place," we are reminded that the American Proctologic Society will now assemble for the eleventh time since it met at the Chittenden Hotel, Columbus, Ohio, June 6-7, 1898, when it was created a National body. As the chariot of time has rolled by, each annual session has left its imprint on the history of proctology, an imprint which has yearly become wider, deeper and far more indelible as our organization has advanced in maturity, strength and prosperity.

Our labors have not only contributed to our individual betterment as members of this guild, but they have added to the dignity and luster of Proctologic Surgery by their excellent results. With this great heritage, a measure of accountability for the safeguarding of the trust has also been handed to us, which adds to the grave responsibilities of the hour.

As I stand before this gathering of guests and my distinguished Fellows, I feel profoundly conscious of my own shortcomings and Unworthiness, yet deeply grateful for your confidence and esteem. As I gaze upon this year's program, containing twenty-six papers from various authors, I feel assured that when this session closes, one year more of fruitful endeavor and achievement will be added to the imperishable records of our Society.