Granville S. Hanes

1921 to 1922

I deem it my first duty to offer an apology for departing from the established custom of presenting a presidential address dealing with the history, progress and policies of the Society, as has been tenaciously adhered to by those who have gone before me.

There are two distinct reasons for my pursuing a course different from that of my predecessors.

First. You who have honored me with the presidency of this Society, with the able members of the Council, have so well perfected its affairs that I feel wholly incapable of commenting or of advancing views that would be of interest or value to the organization.

Second. For a number of years I have been profoundly interested in the clinical manifestations and treatment of chronic infections of the structures composing the pelvic outlet and its surroundings. Especially have I been interested in the treatment of the affection known as pruritus ani and vulvae.

Since I have been engaged in an original clinical study for three years, particularly of pruritic affections of these parts, I have selected this occasion to narrate my experiences and offer them to you for comment and criticism.