Homer I. Silvers

1942 to 1944

It is now two years since a meeting of the American Proctologic Society was held. It IS well that we meet this year even though it may mean that some difficulties are encountered in arrangement and perhaps our traveling and living accommodations are not as comfortable as heretofore.

The life and growth of any organization depends upon the interest displayed by its members and this is accentuated in any scientific group that gives to its members the opportunity of presenting the results of their work and study. This is a critical period through which we are passing and what we do now will have a lasting effect upon the progress and life of our specialty, but I am confident that the same guiding principles of the right, justice and professional integrity will see us through this emergency.

Many of our members have been called into the various services of our armed forces and in many instances have been assigned work that is compatible with their training. The military affairs committee headed by Dr. Buie has accomplished much in its effort to see that the men prepared to do Proctology were given the opportunity to serve in that branch of medicine. This not only applied to members of our Society, but all men who in their judgment had the proper qualifications that would justify their assignment to Proctologic surgery.