Louis A. Buie

1934 to 1935

I wish to address you today, not as your president nor as a Fellow of the American Proctologic Society, but as one of a vast body of ethical practitioners of medicine interested in the economic and physical security of those among whom we dwell. This is a period of strong agitations, and we are surrounded by conditions which threaten the security of our institutions. It behooves us to take our bearing and lay our course.

Among those sentiments which are most honorable and which are most productive of worthy emotions are those of veneration for our forefathers and of love for our posterity. If one respects the former, one cherishes their accomplishments and takes pride in their virtues. From roots deep in the loam of filial reverence are developed efficiency and power, and through parental interest and affection, the problems of one age are linked with those of each preceding age in constant growth. And so it has been with our organization.