Louis E. Moon

1949 to 1950

The final duty of the retiring president is to present a report to the Society. I believe that the report should concern itself with matters pertaining to the present status, to the improvement and to the future of our Society.

In 1948 at the Columbus meeting a historical review was given of the organization of our society from its inception. In my review I will consider some of the many recommendations which have been made by past presidents. I have reviewed their addresses since 1909. I wish to comment upon what has been done in regard to the accomplishment of the things recommended. All recommendations pertain in a way to the acquiring of our present status.

About every third or fourth year the definition of proctology was discussed, and it was slow in being defined to the satisfaction of all. A full and complete definition of what we believe now constitutes proctology was not decided upon until the charter for the American Board of Proctology was obtained. In that charter proctology is defined as that branch of medical practice which deals with diseases of the colon, rectum and anus. At the present time this definition seems to be adequate.

Repeatedly, past Presidents have made recommendations in regard to the size of the membership of our Society, each time urging that it should be enlarged so that proctology could be disseminated more widely.