Marion C. Pruitt

1936 to 1937

It is becoming that my first words on this occasion should be ones of appreciation and gratitude for the honor conferred upon me in selecting me as your president. From the very beginning I have considered it one of the greatest privileges of my professional life to be a member of the American Proctologic Society a man can have no greater satisfaction in life than to feel that he has the confidence and esteem of his co-workers. The good work of this Society and the high qualifications of my predecessors, make me realize more that the honor is a great one, and causes me to feel a deep responsibility in the duties of the office which they have so well filled.

Whatever success may attend this annual meeting must be attributed to the splendid cooperation of our friendly, experienced and efficient secretary, Curtis Rosser, member of the Executive Council, the local committees and to all others who take an active part in our program.

In fulfilling the obligation incident to leadership, it has been the custom for the President to deliver an address, the nature of which is not specified, but by implication, he is supposed to give an account of his stewardship as well as to discuss policies which will be useful in the further advancement of proctology, and of those ideals of medical practice which this Society sponsors.