Robert J. Rowe

1962 to 1963

The American Proctologic Society is one of the oldest specialty organizations in the United States. Its first meeting was held at the Chittenden Hotel in Columbus, Ohio, in 1899. Fifteen persons attended that meeting but only 13, those who presented scientific papers, were admitted to membership. Even during that period of nascency, the highest standards were set for its activities, principles and policies. Since that first meeting, the Society has continued to hold meetings annually, with the exception of the wartime years--1918, 1943 and 1945.

In 1946 I attended my first meeting. It was held in San Francisco and, by coincidence, it has become my privilege and honor to attend this 62nd annual meeting again in San Francisco, acting in the capacity of the Society's President. It has been my privilege to serve as an official of the Society for the past five years, during which period I have experienced much pleasure and have enjoyed immeasurable benefits. I have learned much from the accomplishments of my illustrious predecessors and have developed a profound respect and deep affection, not only for them, but for all those who have become worthy of membership and fellowship in the Society.