William H. Kiger

1926 to 1927

I want to thank the members of this association and assure them of my grateful appreciation of the honor of being allowed to preside at this, the twenty-eighth annual session of this organization. I have a few suggestions to make "for the good of the order," but as they cannot be discussed here, will defer them until later. You have succeeded in building a splendid organization and the society is to be congratulated in many ways and for many things. But if we relax in vigilance it might yet be overthrown. and its power to do good lost. The reason it has stood the test so long and so well is that it was begun and built on a firm foundation. If you will revert back to its incipience you will be at once reminded that in its very beginning there were men of reputation and ability in the lead, most of whom have been called away but have left their impress with us. Let us at least emulate their example and follow their advice. Watch, I beg of you the outposts, least those who are not worthy may slip the 'non-attention' guard.