Abstract Session: ERP 1

Saturday, April 30, 3:00 – 3:45 pm
Room: Ballroom CD

Thomas Curran, MD, MPH, Charleston, SC
Melissa Times, MD, Cleveland, OH
3:00 pm          

3:05 pm          
Killingback Award
S13 Randomized Double-blind Controlled Trial on the Effect of Prucalopride to Improve Time to Gut Function Recovery Following Elective Colorectal Surgery

Tony Milne, BSc, MBBS (Hons)*, Chen Liu, Greg O’Grady, John Woodfield, Ian Bissett; 1Auckland, New Zealand

3:11 pm          

3:13 pm          
S14 Pilot Study: Pre-op Erector Spinae Plane Block for Effective Analgesia in Colorectal Surgery

J. Philip*1, B. Scully1, W. Alswealmeen1 2, B. Chinn1 2, J. Notaro1 2, K. Wilkins1 2, m. khetani1 2, S. Alva1 21New Brunswick, NJ, 2Edison, NJ

3:19 pm          
3:21 pm          
S15 Opioid Use After Colorectal Resection: Identifying Preoperative Risk Factors for Post Operative Use

B.E. Levy*1, R.S. Bradford1, L. Ebbitt1, C. Kennon1, A. Wu1, D.L. Davenport1, A. Bhakta11Lexington, KY

3:27 pm          
3:29 pm          
S16 Long-Term Opioid Use After Colon and Rectal Surgery: Are We Winning the Battle?

R.A. Malizia*1, A. Fields1 2 3, L. Bordeianou1 2 3, M. Rubin1 2 3, T. Francone1 2 3, K.F. Ahmed1 2 3, R. Bleday1 2 31Boston, MA, 2Salem, MA, 3Newton, MA

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Question and Answer
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