Abstract Session: General Surgery Forum: Future Leaders

Monday, May 2, 4:15 – 5:30 pm
Room: Ballroom CD

Brian Kann, MD, New Orleans, LA
Gifty Kwakye, MD, MPH, Ann Arbor, MI
4:15 pm          

4:20 pm          
GS1 Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Presentation Stage and Perioperative Outcomes in Colorectal Cancer

C.E. Sharon*1, Y. Song1, R.J. Straker III1, N. Kelly1, N.N. Mahmoud1, R.R. Kelz1, J.T. Miura1, G.C. Karakousis11Philadelphia, PA

4:25 pm          

4:28 pm          
Question and Answer

4:31 pm          
GS2 Standardized Letter of Recommendation: Can Everyone Be Awesome?

D. Jodeh*1, J.L. Miller-Ocuin1 2, M. Ginesi1 2, J.S. Abelson1 2, J.T. Saraidaridis1 2, S.L. Stein1 2, E. Steinhagen1 21Cleveland, OH, 2Burlington, MA

4:36 pm          

4:39 pm          
Question and Answer

4:42 pm          
Extramural Vascular Invasion is an Important Independent Prognostic Indicator of Adverse Outcomes in Patients With Right Sided Colon Cancer.
S. Conroy*1, E. Courtney11Bath, Bath and North East Somer, United Kingdom

4:47 pm          

4:50 pm          
Question and Answer
4:53 pm          
GS4 Impact of Sphincterotomy During Fistulotomy in Concurrent Anal Fissure-Fistula

E. Adams*1, P.R. Fleshner1, K.N. Zaghiyan11Los Angeles, CA

4:58 pm          

5:01 pm          
Question and Answer
5:04 pm          
GS5 Impact of High-Resolution Anoscopy Clinic on Management of Anal Dysplasia in Women Living With HIV
G.C. Squeo*1, W.J. Kane1, T.L. Hedrick1, C.M. Friel1, T.A. Thomas1, Y. Newberry1, S. Hoang11Charlottesville, VA

5:09 pm          

5:12 pm          
Question and Answer
5:15 pm          
GS6 Prehabilitation for Prevention of Low Anterior Resection Syndrome: a Gap in the Literature
N. Coppersmith*1, A. Tran1, C. Fick1, A. Mongiu11New Haven, CT

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5:23 pm          
Question and Answer

5:26 pm          
Overall Question and Answer
5:30 pm