Abstract Session: Health Services Research

Monday, May 2, 1:30 – 2:45 pm
Room: Ballroom CD

Stefan Holubar, MD, MS, Cleveland, OH
Elise Lawson, MD, Madison, WI
1:30 pm                      

1:35 pm                     
M12 Stage III Rectal Cancer: It's the Ratio, not the Raw Number

J. Bliggenstorfer*1, M. Ginesi1, A.L. Sarode1, E. Steinhagen1, S.L. Stein11Cleveland, OH

1:41 pm                      

1:43 pm                      
M13 How Far is Too Far? Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Regionalized Rectal Cancer Surgery

I. Leeds*1, Z. Xu1 2, H. Pantel1 2, A. Mongiu1 2, A. Luria1 2, W. Longo1 2, V. Reddy1 21New Haven, CT, 2Rochester, NY

1:49 pm                      

1:51 pm                      
M14 Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Selective Use of Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation in Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer

A.N. Mueller*1, Z.N. Torgersen1, M. Shashidharan1, C.A. Ternent11Omaha, NE

1:57 pm                      

1:59 pm                      
M15 Factors Associated with Receipt of Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Stage II Colon Cancer

M. Ginesi*1, J. Bliggenstorfer1, D. Mugayo1, S. Xu1, D. Jodeh1, J.E. Selfridge1, S.L. Stein1, E. Steinhagen11Cleveland, OH

2:05 pm                      

2:07 pm                     
M16 Predictors of Compliance and Survival with Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Older Adults With Stage III Colon Cancer

H. Simon*1, T. Reif de Paula1 2 3, Z. Spigel1 2 3, D. Keller1 2 31Pittsburgh, PA, 2Houston, TX, 3Sacramento, CA

2:13 pm                      

2:15 pm                     
M17 Predictors of Clostridium Difficile Infection in Colorectal Surgery: a NSQIP-IBD Study

A. Mitchell*1, S. Hill1, S. Choksi1, W. Kim1, D. Chismark1, B. Valerian1, J. Canete1, E. Lee1, .. on behalf of the NSQIP-IBD collaborative11Albany, NY

2:21 pm                      

2:23 pm                      
M18 Costs Optimization in Robot-Assisted Ventral Mesh Rectopexy

A.A. Marra*1, V. De Simone1, P. Campennì1, A. Parello1, F. Litta1, C. Ratto11Roma, Lazio, Italy

2:29 pm                      

2:31 pm                      
M19 Does Concomitant Rectoanal Intussusception Limit Improvements in Clinical Outcome and Quality of Life After Sacral Nerve Stimulation for Fecal Incontinence?

A. Dawes*1, J. Mariscal2, P.J. White2, E. Midura2, A. Sirany2, A. Lowry2, C. Jensen2, A. Thorsen21Stanford, CA, 2Minneapolis, MN

2:37 pm                      

2:39 pm                      
Question and Answer
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