Abstract Session: Healthcare Disparities Focused

Sunday, May 1, 10:30 – 11:45 am       
Room: Ballroom CD

Amy Pasithorn Suwanabol, MD, Ann Arbor, MI
Daniel Chu, MD, Birmingham, AL

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S41 Disparities in Presentation and Treatment of Colon Cancer Between Rural and Metropolitan Communities
A.C. Antill*1, A.J. Arroyave1, A.W. Good1, J.M. McLoughlin1, M.A. Casillas1, R.K. Schmocker1, R.E. Heidel1, A.J. Russ11Knoxville, TN

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S42 Racial Differences in Geriatric Deficits Among Colorectal Cancer Patients
M. Smithson*1, M.C. McLeod1, A. Sawant1, D. Chu1, K. Hardiman1, G. Williams1, R. Hollis11Birmingham, AL

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S43 Social Vulnerability, but Not Race, is Associated With Increased Rate of Stoma Creation After Urgent/Emergent Surgery for Uncomplicated Diverticulitis
J. Zarate Rodriguez*1, W. Chapman1, D. Sanford1, C. Hammill1, P. Wise1, R. Smith1, S. Glasgow1, M. Silviera11St Louis, MO

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S44 Association of Race, Gender and Socioeconomic Factors With Emergency Colectomies for Colon Cancer.
M. Abou-Khalil*1, F. Aslany1, D. Marinescu1, C. Vasilevsky1, M. Boutros1, A. Pang11Montreal, QC, Canada

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S45 Comparing Colectomy Outcomes Between Males and Females in a Veteran Population
S. Haviland*1, S. Arnott2, M. Ng2, V. Obias2, J. Duncan21Bethesda, MD, 2Washington, District of Columbia
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S46 Disparities Exist Among Patients With Psychiatric Diagnoses Undergoing Major Colorectal Operations
A. Webber*1, E. Su1, S. Perati1, M. Applewhite1, T. Beyer1, J. Canete1, A. Ata1, E.C. Lee11Albany, NY

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S47 Bowel Dysfunction Impacts Mental Health Post Restorative Proctectomy for Rectal Cancer
J. Moon*1, R. Garfinkle1, S. Dell'Aniello1, P. Zelkowitz1, C. Vasilevsky1, P. Brassard1, M. Boutros11Montreal, QC, Canada

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Question and Answer
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