Abstract Session: Neoplasia

Saturday, April 30, 5:00 – 6:15 pm
Room: Ballroom CD

Fergal Fleming, MD, Rochester, NY
Uma Phatak, MD, Galveston, TX

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5:05 pm          
S18 Predicting Neoadjuvant Response in Rectal Cancer: Evaluation of MRI-Radiomic and Clinical Models

K.J. Peterson*1, M.T. Simpson1, M.K. Drezdzon1, A. Szabo1, R.A. Ausman1, A.S. Nencka1, C.Y. Peterson1, K.A. Ludwig1, T.J. Ridolfi11Milwaukee, WI

5:11 pm          
5:13 pm          
S19 Short-Course Radiotherapy Followed by Consolidation Chemotherapy is Safe and Effective in Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer: Comparative Preliminary Results of a Multicenter Cohort Study

C. Benlice*1, M.A. Koc1 2 3, B. Gulcu1 2 3, I.A. Bilgin1 2 3, C. Akyol1 2 3, B. Baca1 2 3, E. Ozturk1 2 3, A. Kuzu1 2 31Ankara, Ankara, Turkey, 2Bursa, Bursa, Turkey, 3Istanbul, ─░stanbul, Turkey

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S20 Incomplete Resection is Twice as High in Mucinous vs Non-Mucinous Rectal Adenocarcinoma
S. Naffouje1, M. Read*1, J. Sanchez1, S. Dessureault1, B. Powers1, S. Dineen1, S. Felder11Tampa, FL

5:27 pm          
5:29 pm          
S21 Commercially Available BCAT1/IKZF1 CtDNA use in Colorectal Cancer: a Single Provider Experience

J.R. Williams1, N. Pluta*21Saint Petersburg, FL, 2Tampa, FL

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5:37 pm          
S22 Appendiceal Neoplasm Following Laparoscopic Appendectomy. Are We Missing the Boat?

R. Fazl Alizadeh*1, B. Sullivan1, M. Manasa1, P. Ruhi-Williams1, J. Nahmias1, J.C. Carmichael1, N.T. Nguyen1, M.J. Stamos11Irvine, CA

5:43 pm          
5:45 pm          
S23 Assessment of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Patients With Anal Squamous Cell Cancer Undergoing Combined Modality Therapy

J. Taylor*1, J.J. Smith1, A.L. Tin1, I.H. Wei1, M.R. Weiser1, G.M. Nash1, M. Widmar1, A.J. Vickers1, P.B. Paty1, J. Garcia-Aguilar1, E. Pappou11New York, NY

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S24 Duration of CD4/CD8 Ratio Below 0.5 is Associated With Progression to Anal Cancer in Patients With HIV and High-Grade Disease

A. Karim*1, M. Freeman1, Q. Yang1, L. Cherney-Stafford1, R. Striker1, C.B. Sanger11Madison, WI

5:59 pm          
6:01 pm          
S25 The Use of Protease Inhibitors to Treat Anal Cancer Spheroids Derived From HPV Transgenic Mice

H. Johnson*1, T. Moyer1, L. Gunder1, S. Park1, N. Sherer1, E. Carchman11Madison, WI

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Question and Answer

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