Abstract Session: Technical Optimization in Colorectal Surgery

Sunday, May 01, 7:30 – 8:45 am           
Room: Ballroom CD

Daniel Feingold, MD, New Brunswick, NJ
Rebecca Hoedema, MD, Grand Rapids, MI

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S28 Primary Linear Closure (PLC) With Incisional Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (INPWT) vs. Purse-String Approximation (PSA) for Wound Closure After Ileostomy Reversal: Preliminary Results From a RCT.
D.J. Borsuk*1, A.J. Jarzabek1 2, S.J. Marecik1 2, J.J. Park1 2, G. Gantt1 2, K. Kochar1 21Park Ridge, IL, 2Chicago, IL

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7:43 am          
S29 A Phase II Clinical Trial of Single-Port Robotic (SPr) Colorectal Surgery

J. Marks*1, J. Yang1, J. Salem1, E. Spitz1, L. Kosinski1, H. Schoonyoung11Wynnewood, PA

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7:51 am          
S30 Role of Interval Imaging for Drainage Catheter Removal in Patients With Complicated Diverticulitis

H. Wady*1, M. Kim1, S. Mandava1, J. Bansal1, D. Nagle1, M.L. Corman1, W. Smithy11Stony Brook, NY

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S31 What is the Value of a Plastic Extraction Bag for Specimen Removal in Appendectomy
R. Moises de Almeida Leite*1, R. Goldstone1, T. Francone1, H. Kunitake1, L. Bordeianou1, C. Cauley1, R. Ricciardi11Boston, MA

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S32 Tunneling of Mesh During Ventral Rectopexy: Technical Aspects and Long-Term Functional Results
P. Campenni*1, A.A. Marra1, A. Parello1, L. Francesco1, V. De Simone1, C. Ratto11Roma, Lazio, Italy

8:13 am          
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S33 Durable Approaches to Recurrent Rectal Prolapse Repair May Require Avoidance of Index Procedure
L. Bordeianou*1, B. Gurland2 3 4 5, C. Ratto2 3 4 5, J. Ogilvie2 3 4 5, J. Saraidaridis2 3 4 51Boston, MA, 2Stanford, CA, 3Milano, Lombardia, Italy, 4Grand Rapids, MI, 5Burlington, MA

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S34 Impact of Combined Sacrocolpopexy and Suture Rectopexy for Pelvic Organ Prolapse on Bowel Function
S. Vemuru*1, S.H. Lai1, M. Corbisiero1, K. Connell1, L. Rascoff1, J. Oliver1, E. Birnbaum1, M. Guess1, B.C. Chapman11Aurora, CO

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Question and Answer

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