Abstract Session: Video Abstracts

Monday, May 2, 8:15 – 9:15 am
Room: Ballroom CD

Brian Bello, MD, Washington, DC
Monica Krezalek, MD, Highland Park, IL
8:15 am                      
8:20 am                      
V1 Robot-Assisted en-Bloc Sacrectomy for Giant Sacral Chordoma Extensively Occupying the Narrow Pelvis of a Male Patient
L. Morelli*1, N. Furbetta1, G. Di Franco1, S. Guadagni1, M. Bianchini1, M. Palmeri1, L. Andreani1, R. Capanna11Pisa, Toscana, Italy

8:24 am                      

8:25 am                      
V2 Anal Fistulotomy with Immediate Sphincter Reconstruction: Why Not?

R. Kucejko*1, C. Bosco1 2, J. Abelson1 2, P.W. Marcello11Burlington, MA, 2Milwaukee, WI8:29 am      Discussion

8:30 am                      
V3 Laparoscopic Extended Total Pelvic Exenteration With en Bloc Penectomy with Minimally Invasive Mucosal Removal Sigmoid Flap Pelvic Reconstruction for T4 Rectal Cance

P. Tipmanee*1, S. Malakorn11Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

8:34 am                      

8:35 am                      
V4 Robotic APR, Tailored Intra-Abdominal Levator Transection, Hysterectomy, Posterior Vaginectomy and Paravaginal Rectal Cancer Resection (Posterior Exenteration)

S. Marecik*1, M. Konamna1, A. Alkhas1, A. Dong1, K. Kochar1, J. Park11Park Ridge, IL

8:39 am                      

8:40 am                      
V5 Natural Orifice Intra Corporeal Anastomosis with Extraction of the Specimen and Magnetic Retraction

A. Dowli*1, C. Olson1, A. Fichera11Dallas, TX

8:44 am                      

8:45 am                      
V6 Robotic Rectopexy with Intra-Abdominal Levatorplasty

S. Marecik*1, D. Schlund1, M. Konamna1, K. Kochar1, J. Park11Park Ridge, IL

8:49 am                      

8:50 am                      
2022 Barton Hoexter, MD, Best Video Award
V7 Minimally Invasive Surgery for Recurrent Rectal Cancer Highlighting the Anatomy Outside of the TME

T. Konishi*1, T. Akiyoshi1 2, Y. Fukunaga1 2, B. Bednarski1 2, N. You1 2, G. Chang1 21Houston, TX, 2Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

8:54 am                      

8:55 am                      
V8 Laparoscopic Abdominoperineal Resection With en Bloc Vaginal Resection and Immediate Neovaginal Reconstruction with Colonic Flap and Pelvic Floor Reconstruction with Mucosa-Removed Colonic Flap

S. Bunyajetpong*11Bangkok, Thailand

8:59 am                      

9:00 am                      
V9 Robotic Disc Excision of Rectal Endometriosis

B. Gough*1, C. Olson1, K. Kho1, A. Fichera11Dallas, TX

9:04 am                      

9:05 am                      
V10 Laparoscopic Complete Mesocolic Excision for Hepatic Flexure Carcinoma: Demonstration of Surgical Planes and Anatomical Landmarks by Inframesocolic Approach

E. Ismail1, Y. Gungor1, B. Kutlu*1, C. Benlice1, H.I. Acar1, A. Kuzu11Ankara, ─░stanbul, Turkey

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9:10 am                      
Question and Answer
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