Anorectal Case Conference - Tips you Won't Find in a Textbook

Monday, May 2, 5:45 - 6:30 pm

CME Credit Hours: 0.75

This symposium will tackle challenging anorectal cases including deep postanal space abscess, anal stenosis after hemorrhoidectomy, and the treatment options for recurrent pilonidal disease. This session will cover management strategies for these difficult situations in a case presentation and discussion format, highlighting various techniques and considerations for these common yet challenging scenarios.


At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
  1. Recognize work up and management of deep post anal space abscess with horseshoe fistula
  2. Distinguish operative options for anal stenosis after hemorrhoidectomy
  3. Discuss management of recurrent pilonidal disease


Anuradha Bhama, MD, Cleveland, OH

Timothy Ridolfi, MD, MS, Milwaukee, WI
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Jill Genua, MD, Albany, NY

5:45 pm              
Anuradha Bhama, MD, Cleveland, OH
Timothy Ridolfi, MD, MS, Milwaukee, WI
5:50 pm              
Deep Post Anal Space Abscess with Horseshoe Extension
Anal Stenosis after Hemorrhoidectomy
Recurrent Pilonidal Disease
Ariane Abcarian, MD, Chicago, IL
Jed Calata, MD, Milwaukee, WI
Luis Borda Mederos, MD, Lima Peru
Norbert Garcia-Henriquez, MD, Orlando, FL
Thiru Lakshman, MD, Austin, TX
Arun Rojanasakul, MD, Bangkok, Thailand
6:30 pm