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New Technology Symposium (Non-CME)

Sunday, May 1, 6:00 – 7:30 pm

The New Technologies Symposium has become an annual event at the ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting and serves as a unique opportunity to work with ASCRS members and industry to present new technologies in the field of colon and rectal surgery in a non-CME forum.

Sam Atallah, MD, Orlando, FL
Patricia Sylla, MD, New York, NY

6:00PM - 6:05PM


6:05PM - 6:11PM

NT1 Endosonographic Extraperitoneal Ventral Suture Rectopexy: Feasibility in High Risk Patients

A. Chandra*1, P. Rajan1 2, S. kumar1 2, V. Gupta1 2, S.K. Verma1 2, M. Rajashekhara1 2, B. Sangal1 2, D. Ganesan1 21Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, 2Patna, Bihar, India

6:11PM - 6:14PM


6:14PM - 6:20PM

NT2 Single Port Endorobotic Rectal Mucosa Harvest for Urethral Reconstruction

I. Ozgur*1, C.F. Justiniano1, H.M. Wood1, E. Gorgun11Cleveland, OH

6:20PM - 6:23PM


6:23PM - 6:29PM

NT3 Transanal Utilization of Vac/Endo-Sponge System for the Management of Near-Complete IPAA Disruption

J.P. Wright*1, W.M. Guerrero1, J.R. Monson11Orlando, FL

6:29PM - 6:32PM


6:32PM - 6:38PM

NT4 ActivSightTM: Real-Time, Dye-Free Visualization of Bowel Perfusion Using Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging

C.A. Nwaiwu*1, Y.Z. Liu1 2 3 4 5, S. Mehrotra1 2 3 4 5, E.B. Wilson1 2 3 4 5, S.D. Schwaitzberg1 2 3 4 5, A. Park1 2 3 4 5, M.F. Kalady1 2 3 4 5, P.C. Kim1 2 3 4 51Providence, RI, 2Buffalo, NY, 3Houston, TX, 4Baltimore, MD, 5Columbus, OH

6:38PM - 6:41PM


6:41PM - 6:47PM

NT5 The Use of Endoscopic Transanal Drainage (ETAD) to Treat Stable Anastomotic Leaks

M. Ginesi*1, D. Jodeh1, E. Steinhagen1, S.L. Stein1, M. Costedio11Cleveland, OH

6:47PM - 6:50PM


6:50PM - 6:56PM

NT6 The ArtiSential®: a New Paradigm in Laparoscopic Surgery

I. Darwich*1, M. Chand1 2 3, S.W. Lee1 2 3, J. Shin1 2 3, F. Willeke1 2 31Siegen, NRW, Germany, 2London, London, United Kingdom, 3Los Angeles, CA

6:56PM - 6:59PM


6:59PM - 7:05PM

NT7 Introducing NPseal®: a Novel Groundbreaking Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Device for Surgical Patients

J.F. Cornhill*11Miami, FL

7:05PM - 7:08PM


7:08PM - 7:14PM

NT8 Histological Composition of Magnetic Bowel Anastomosis Healing

A. Ore*1, A. Althoff1 2 3 4, D.R. Kull1 2 3 4, T.J. Baldwin1 2 3 4, J.L. Van Eps1 2 3 4, E. Messaris1 2 3 41Boston, MA, 2Farmington, CT, 3Logan, UT, 4Houston, TX

7:14PM - 7:17PM


7:17PM - 7:30PM

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