Plenary Session II: The Best of Pelvic Floor Abstracts (Live Streaming)

Sunday, May 1, 8:30 – 9:00 am
Room: West Hall

Amanda McClure, MD, Ypsilanti, MI
Alex Ky, MD, New York, NY

8:30 am          

8:35 am          
SP37 Successful Needle Stimulation of S3 Nerve is a Safe Predictor of Positive SNS Implant Outcome

K.S. Venkatesh*11Phoenix, AZ

8:41 am          
8:43 am          
Sacral Neurostimulation Improves Continence and Pelvic Floor Function in Patients With Low Anterior Resection Syndrome (LARS)
E. Rosenfeld*1, E. Messaris1, A. Fabrizio1, K. Crowell1, T. Cataldo11Boston, MA

8:49 am          
8:51 am          
SP39 Rectal Prolapse Recurrence is Lower When Rectopexy is Performed with Anterior Compartment Fixation

E. Roesler*1, M. Nicolas1, D. Maun1, T. Reidy1, R. Melbert1, F. Lane1, B. Suozzi1, B. Tsai11Indianapolis, IN

8:57 am          
9:00 am          
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