Success Away from the Ivory Tower: Keys to Private Practice

Saturday, April 30, 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

CME Credit Hours: 2.5

A large portion of colorectal surgeons are in private practice.  Unfortunately, they are under-represented, and their voices and concerns are often not adequately addressed by local or national surgical societies.  Private practice surgeons need to be educated with the right tools and directions with support from peers and surgical societies to thrive and contribute.  This symposium is geared to serve, educate, and facilitate colorectal surgeons in private practice or those contemplating going into private practice.  It aims to address jitters and concerns, dispel myths, and provide guidance for private surgeons. 


At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
  1. Recognize the pros and cons of private practice
  2. Obtain insight into essentials and fundamentals of private practice
  3. Explain keys to succeeding as a private colorectal surgeon


Allen Chudzinski, Tampa, FL
Yosef Nasseri, MD, Los Angeles, CA

Christine Schad, MD, San Antonio, TX
Social Media
Christine Schad, MD, San Antonio, TX 

9:30 am               
Yosef Nasseri, MD, Los Angeles, CA
9:35 am               
Pros and Cons of Private Practice - Is it a Good Fit for Me?
Jennifer Rea, MD, Lexington, KY
9:50 am               
The Essentials – Private Practice Edition – Selecting Office Staff, Supplies and Instrument, Billers, Obtaining Malpractice and Health Insurance
Lisa Coleman, MD, Newport News, VA
10:05 am            
Contracts and Partnership Tracts and Bears, Oh My
Walid M. Hesham, MD, Lancaster, PA
10:20 am            
Insight into Insurance Contracts and Reimbursements
Donald B. Colvin, MD, Fairfax, VA
10:35 am            
Building your Referrals and Marketing
William Harb, MD, Nashville, TN
10:50 am            
Branding Yourself as an Expert
Jeffrey Sternberg, MD, San Francisco, CA
11:05 am            
You Can Still Be Academic – Incorporating Academia Research and Teaching into Private Practice
Robert Cleary, MD, Ann Arbor, MI
11:20 am            
Making the Leap: Academic to Private Practice
Raul Bosio, MD, Sylvania, OH        
11:35 am            
Panel Discussion - Avoiding Pitfalls, Q&A
12:00 pm