2019 Annual Scientific Meeting Award Winners

ASCRS Best Paper Award

What Determines Perfect Patient Evaluation of Surgery for Hemorrhoids – Results of Prospective Double Blind Randomized Trial

By D. Danys1, G. Makunaite1, A. Mainelis1, E. Poskus1, V. Jotautas1, S. Mikalauskas1, K. Strupas1 and T. Poskus*1

1Vilnius, Lithuania

ASCRS Barton Hoexter, MD, Best Video Award

Laparoscopic Lateral-node Dissection for Rectal Cancer See One, Do One and Teach One?

By R. Perez*1, G. Pagin São Julião1,  B. Borba Vailati1, C.M. Cabrera Ordonez1, J. Azevedo1, A. Habr-Gama1, L. Fernandez2 and T. Konishi3

1Sao Paulo, Brazil
2Lisbon, Portugal,
3Tokyo, Japan

Chesapeake Colorectal Society Award

(Basic Science/ePoster)

Zebrafish Embryo as Avatar of Patients with Colorectal Cancer and Hepatic Colorectal Metastasis: Preliminary Experience Toward a Personalized Medicine

By G. Di Franco1, M. Palmeri1, N. Furbetta1, D. Gianardi1, L. Morelli*1, A. Usai1, V. Raffaand S. Latteri2

1Pisa, Italy 
2Catania, Italy

General Surgery Forum Best Paper Award

Injury Characteristics and Outcomes of Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease after Trauma: A Propensity Score Matched Analysis

By B.E. Haac*1, A. Nemirovsky1, W.A. Teeter2, A. Geyer3, R.K. Cross1, D.M. Stein1 and A.C. Bafford1

1Baltimore, Maryland, USA
2Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
3Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, USA

Harry E. Bacon Foundation Award

(Basic Science/Podium)

Commensal Enterococcus Faecalis Cooperates with Plasminogen for Induction of a Migratory and Invasive Phenotype of Colon Cancer Cells

By A.J. Williamson*1, R. Jacobson1, S. Gaines1, H.Y. Koo1, N. Hyman1, O. Zaborina1, J. Alverdyand B.D. Shogan1

1Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Michigan Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons Award


Colon and Rectal Surgery Robotic Training Programs: An Evaluation of Gender Disparities

By K. Foley*1, K.M. Izquierdo1, M. von Muchow2, A. Ferrara1, R. Mueller1, A. Bastawrous3, R.K. Cleary4 and M. Soliman1

1Orlando, Florida, USA
2St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
3Seattle, Washington, USA
4Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

The Northwest Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons Award


Does Re-resection of Microscopically Positive Margins Found Using Intra-operative Frozen Section Pathological Analysis Result in a Survival Benefit in Patients Undergoing Surgery for Locally Recurrent Rectal Cancer?

By J. Ansell*1, K.L. Mathis1, F. Grass1, J. Yonkus1, M.G. Haddock1, C.L. Hallemeier1, T.C. Smyrk1, A. Merchea1, D. Colibaseanu1, N. Mishra1, S.R. Kelley1, D. Larson1 and E.J. Dozois1

1Rochester, Minnesota, USA

The Piedmont Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons Award


Cost-Benefit Limitations of Extended Venothromboembolism Prophylaxis Following Surgery for Crohn’s Disease

By I. Leeds*1, J. Canner1, S. DiBrito1 and B. Safar1 

1Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Research Forum Works in Progress Award  

The Radiation-Induced SenescenceAssociated Secretory Phenotype of Colorectal Fibroblasts Stimulates Colorectal Cancer Stem Cell Progression

By A.D. Adams*1, A. Mace1, J. DeVecchio1, D. Liska1 and M. Kalady1

1Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The Southern California Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons Award


Overprescription of Opioids Following Outpatient Anorectal Surgery: A Single Institution Study

By D. Livingston-Rosanoff*1, B.L. Rademacher1, C. Glover1, M. Paulson1 and E. Lawson1

1Madison, WI