2021 Annual Scientific Meeting Award Winners

ASCRS Barton Hoexter, MD, Best Video Award

Robotic Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery: Rectouretheral Fistula Closure 

N. Naik*1, A. Allawi1, K. Hebert1, B. Viers1, S. Kelley1, K.T. Behm1

1Rochester, Minnesota, USA

ASCRS Best Paper Award

Activation of the Urokinase-plasminogen System is Associated with Postoperative Nodal Recurrence in a Mouse Colorectal Cancer Resection

J. Vigneswaran*1, H. Koo1, R. Morgan1, L. Alpert1, J.C. Alverdy1, O. Zaborina1, B.D. Shogan1

1Chicago, Illinois, USA

General Surgery Forum Best Paper Award

Multiple High-Risk Features in Stage II Colon Carcinoma Portend Worse Survival Than Stage III Disease

B.C. Herritt*1, C. Castellucci1, L. Hajirawala1, Y.  Yi1, A. Klinger1, G.R. Orangio1, K. Davis1, J.S. Barton1

1New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

New Jersey Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons Award

(Basic Science/Quick Shot)

Microbiome Diversity Predicts Surgical Success in Patients with Rectovaginal Fistula

D.A. Leach*1, J. Chen2, L. Yang2, H. Chua2, M. Walther-Antonio2, J.A. Occhino2     

1Portsmouth, Virginia, USA
2Rochester, Minnesota, USA

Northwest Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons Award


Post-treatment Rectal MRI for Rectal Cancer Underestimates Distance to Circumferential Resection Margin (CRM) Particularly in Anterior Tumors - A Comparison with Whole-mount Pathological Specimens

J.B. Yuval*1, H.M. Thompson1, C. Firat1, F.S. Verheij1, M. Widmar1, J. Shia1, M.J. Gollub1, J. Garcia-Aguilar1

1New York, New York, USA

Piedmont Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons Award


An Improvement in Assessment of Response to Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy for Rectal Cancer Using MRI and Multigene Biomarker

I. Park*1, E. Cho*1, Y. Kim1, S. Hong1, S. Lim1, C. Yu1, J. Kim1

1Seoul, Korea (the Republic of)

Research Forum Works in Progress Award  

Long Non-coding RNA ZFAS1 Knockdown is Associated with Decreased Tumorigenesis Through Decreased Cellular Proliferation and Migration

S.J. O’Brien*1, M. Paas1, A. Patel1, S. Galandiuk1

1Louisville, Kentucky, USA

The Southern California Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons Award

(Clinical/Quick Shot)

Association of Medicaid Expansion with Earlier Colon Cancer Stage at Diagnosis

M. Lin*1, C.M. Foglia2, S. Raman1, J. Franko1, S.Y. Chao2

1Des Moines, Iowa, USA
2Flushing, New York, USA