2023 Nominees for ASCRS Fellow and International Fellow

Becoming a Fellow or International Fellow of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons is a rigorous process befitting the remarkable achievements of this highest class of membership. ASCRS Fellows enjoy the right to vote, hold office, serve on any committee of the Society, attend and appear on scientific programs and participate in discussions of scientific papers. Fellows are alternatively known as  “voting members” of ASCRS. Each year the current voting members are asked to give formal approval to applicants for Fellow and International Fellow membership in ASCRS, who have met the rigorous requirements.
The following members have been found qualified for consideration for ASCRS Fellow member status:

Ahmed Al-Khamis, MD
Allison Aka, MD
Anne-Lise D’Angelo, MD
Esther Hyunwoo Cha, MD
Evan Fitz, MD
Ira Lewis Leeds, MD
Jean-Paul Joseph LeFave, MD
Jesus Flores, MD
Jose Andujar, MD
Julia R. Berian, MD
Katherine Ann Kelley, MD
Kellie Cunningham, MD
Kristina Linnea Guyton, MD
Marcia Russell, MD
Molly Meyers, MD
Peter Hofman, MD
Sean Whelan, MD
Stephen P. Sharp, MD
Tamara Merchant-McCambry, MD
Victor Rodriguez-Rapale, MD

International Fellow
There were no International Fellow applicants during this voting period.
Change to the Voting Process
In September, the Executive Committee approved semi-annual electronic votes pertaining to Fellow elevation – once in the fall and the second vote one month before the Annual Business Meeting. 

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