Celebrating One Year of ASCRS U

ASCRS U, the premier online resource for practicing and in-training colorectal surgeons, celebrates its one-year anniversary. Over the past year, ASCRS U has proven to be an exceptional educational resource for students, residents, and practicing surgeons alike, offering easy access to a wealth of educational content, webinars, Clinical Practice Guidelines, and much more.
Since its launch in March 2022, ASCRS U has been an incredibly popular platform, with a total of 179,036 content views across all devices. That averages out to an impressive 447.59 content views per day since launch, which speaks volumes about the quality and relevance of the content available on the platform.
One of the most notable features of ASCRS U is the ability to favorite content, and since launch, the top three most favorited channels have been the ASCRS Textbook of Colon and Rectal Surgery, the ASCRS Question Bank, and the Fundamentals of Rectal Cancer Surgery. Among the most favorited content on ASCRS U are the Textbook Chapter: Anastomotic ConstructionClinical Practice Guideline (CPG): Use of Bowel Preparation in Elective Colon and Rectal Surgery, our webinar: Pilonidal Disease, and our Video Mentorship Series Session: Finding the correct TME plane.
ASCRS U also offers on-demand recordings of live virtual education, with over 40 recordings available in the Webinars and Video Mentorship Series channels alone. Since launch, 29 webinars have been added to the platform, with 367 CME credits claimed. Additionally, eight Video Mentorship Series Sessions have been added since launch.
To further enhance the educational experience, ASCRS U has added new channels since its launch. These include the Video-Based Education Channel, which offers 21 didactic videos from the Diseases of the Colon and Rectum (DC&R)/ASCRS peer-reviewed video library. The Annual Meeting Videos channel features over 30 videos from past ASCRS Annual Scientific Meetings, while the IBD Surgery Debates channel features a moderated series of debates by experts in the field of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
ASCRS U has become an invaluable resource and we look forward to seeing the continued growth and development of the platform in the years to come. Download the ASCRS U mobile app to your smartphone and tablet for access anytime, anywhere.


Access ASCRS U Education portal here: https://www.ascrsu.com/ascrs?ticket=zxpaap5p5e
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