Abstract Session: Anorectal Disease 1

Sunday, May 1, 4:15 – 5:15 pm
Room: Ballroom CD

 James Ogilvie, Jr., MD, Grand Rapids, MI
Giovanna Da Silva, MD, Weston, FL
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4:20 pm          
S50 New MRI-Based Scoring System to Predict Long-Term Healing in Cryptoglandular Anal Fistulas
P. Garg*1, E. Jain2 3, A. Sohal2 31Panchkula, HARYANA, India, 2Ludhiana, Punjab, India, 3Fresno, CA

4:26 pm          
4:28 pm          
S51 The Pathogenesis of Cryptoglandular Anal Fistula: New Insight Toward the Immunological Profile
F. Litta*1, A. Papait1 2, D. Lucchetti1 2, S. Farigu1 2, M. Giustiniani1 2, O. Parolini1 2, A. Sgambato1 2, C. Ratto1 21Rome, Italy, 2Brescia, Italy

4:34 pm          
4:36 pm          
S52 The Histological Characteristics of the Occurrence and Development of Anal Fistula and Its Relationship With NLR/NF-κB Signal Pathway Which Mediated by PGN
J. Zhu*1, Z. Feng1, L. Zhang1, Z. Mei1, W. Yang1, M. Wang11ShangHai, China

4:42 pm          
4:44 pm          
S53 A Multicenter Phase II Trial on the Efficacy and Safety of Sclerotherapy Using 3% Polidocanol Foam to Treat Second-Degree Hemorrhoidal Disease
G. Gallo*1, G. Sammarco1 2, M. Trompetto1 21Catanzaro, Italy, 2Vercelli, Italy

4:50 pm          
4:52 pm          
S54 The Emborrhoid Technique for Treatment of Bleeding Hemorrhoids in Patients With High Surgical Risk
P. Campenni*1, R. Iezzi1, A.A. Marra1, A. Parello1, F. Litta1, V. De Simone1, C. Ratto11Roma, Lazio, Italy

4:58 pm          
5:00 pm          
S55 Acupuncture Combined Anesthesia for Postoperative Urinary Retention Following Perianal Surgery: an EMR-Based Study From a Chinese Tertiary Hospital

Z. Mei*1, M. Ge1, Z. Zhang1, J. Zhu1, Q. Wang1, W. Yang11ShangHai, China

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Question and Answer

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