Abstract Session: Research Forum

Monday, May 2, 2:45 – 3:45 pm
Room: Ballroom CD

Russell Farmer, MD, Louisville, KY
Nelya Melnitchouk, MD, Boston, MA

2:45 pm          
2:50 pm          
RF1 Verteporfin Limits Tumorigenesis in a Human Organoid Model of Colitis-Associated Cancer
R. DeHaan*1, E.K. Huang1, L. Knecht2, R. Fisher2, D. Lambracht-Washington2, J. Leo2, E. Huang21Cleveland, OH, 2Dallas, TX

2:57 pm          

3:00 pm          
Question and Answer
3:02 pm          
RF2 Proof of Concept for the Application of Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging
(FLIm) in the Mesentery
D.S. Keller*1, J. Lee1, L. Marcu1, E.R. Raskin1, B.P. Cummings1, A. Alfonso Garcia11Davis, CA

3:09 pm          

3:12 pm          
Question and Answer
3:14 pm          
RF3 Ang1 and Ang4 Differentially Regulate Colitis and Carcinogenesis in an AOM-DSS Mouse Model
A. Hu*1, J. Yoo11Boston, MA

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3:24 pm          
Question and Answer

3:26 pm          
RF4 Ectopic Colonic Ileal Metaplasis, Apparetn Crypt Cell_Like Cells (CCLCs) Contribure to the Pathogenesis Consistent with the Acurate Diagnosis of Crohn's Colitis (CC) COLITIS (CC)

A. M'Koma*11Nashville, TN

3:33 pm          

3:36 pm          
Question and Answer
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Overall Question and Answer
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