Pushing the Endoscope: What Every Colon and Rectal Surgeon Should Know

Saturday, April 30, 5:00 - 6:30 pm

CME Credit Hours: 1.5

Colonoscopy should be is an essential part of every colorectal surgeons practice, and is a core skill that must be mastered by those in our specialty. Colorectal surgeons need to be able to successfully advocate for colorectal cancer screening in their communities, maximize the identification of neoplasms, safely remove adenomatous polyps, and to avoid complications. This symposium will highlight techniques to achieve these goals.


At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
  1. Recognize best practices to enhance colorectal cancer screening in their communities
  2. Identify techniques to improve detection of neoplasms
  3. Identify common complications during colonoscopy


Steven Lee-Kong, MD, New York, NY

Andrew Russ, MD, Knoxville, TN

5:00 pm              
Steven Lee-Kong, MD, New York, NY
Andrew Russ, MD, Knoxville, TN

5:05 pm              
Convincing the Reluctant: How to Persuade those Patients to Get Screened
Philip Duldulao, MD, Los Angeles, CA
5:20 pm              
Was that a Polyp? How to Find Every Single Polyp, Every Single Time!
James Kiely, MD, Port Charlotte, FL
5:35 pm              
I Ran Out of Scope! How to Manage the Difficult Colon
David Kleiman, MD, Burlington, MA
5:50 pm              
Difficult Polyps! How am I Going to Get that Out?
Julian Sanchez, MD, Tampa, FL
6:05 pm              
Is that Fat? How to Manage Your Own Complications (Pre-recorded)
 Christine Hsieh, MD, Los Angeles, CA
6:20 pm              
Questions and Answers
6:30 pm