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Robotic Symposium and Live Surgery Workshop (Non-CME)

Wednesday, May 4, 7:00 am – 2:00 pm

This workshop will offer the practicing surgeon a highly customized, procedure oriented live surgery experience that demonstrates state-of- the-art techniques employed in a variety of colorectal operations. The focus will be on tips, tricks, and advanced maneuvers to facilitate robotic single port surgery, Transanal surgery, natural orifice extraction, intracorporeal anastomosis, mobilization of splenic flexure, cost analysis of robotics, early discharge, IBD surgery, newest and upcoming robotic systems, and low anterior resection.

This session will involve one surgeon performing a live robotic low anterior resection (LAR) with loop ileostomy. 

A primary focus during the live surgery will be on operative techniques, methods to improve operative efficiency, identification and preservation of critical anatomy, and high value points to help negotiate the robotics learning curve.

This workshop is intended to assist surgeons during their learning curve to accelerate their move from robotic proficiency to mastery and expose the surgeons to the newest robotic technology that may help advance their practice. 


At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:

  1. Describe latest literature on robotics in rectal cancer
  2. Describe techniques for intracorporeal anastomoses
  3. Recognize of new and upcoming robotic systems
  4. Identify how robotics can be applied to inflammatory bowel disease


Lindsey Goldstein, MD, Gainesville, FL

Vincent Obias, MD, Washington, DC
Social Media
Carolina Martinez, MD, Tampa, FL 

7:00 am               

Lindsey Goldstein, MD, Gainesville, FL
Vincent Obias, MD, Washington, DC
7:03 am               
Transanal Extraction
Eric Haas, MD, Houston, TX
7:15 am               
New Robotic Systems
Jorge Lagares-Garcia, MD, Charleston, SC
7:30 am               
Intracorporeal Anastomosis Left and Right
Atif Iqbal, MD, Houston, TX
7:45 am               
Total Colectomies
Todd Francone, MD, Newton, MA
8:00 am               
Robotic Tamis
Nell Maloney Patel, MD, New Brunswick, NJ
8:15 am               
Economics of Robotics
Mark Soliman, MD, Orlando, FL 
8:30 am               
Robotics in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Jefferson Hurley, MD, Dallas, TX
8:45 am               
24hr Discharge
Rahila Essani, MD, Temple, TX

9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Live Robotic Low Anterior Resection (LAR) with Loop Ileostomy Surgery
Jamie Canon, MD, Birmingham, AL

9:00 - 9:30 am
Lectures During Live Case

9:00 am               
Port Placement
Matthew Ng, MD, Washington, DC
9:10 am               
Appropriate Cases
Laila Rashidi, MD, Tacoma, WA
9:20 am               
SP Robot      
John Marks, MD, Wynnewood, PA 
9:30 am                                            
Live Surgery Using XI with Two Cases

Jamie Canon, MD, Birmingham, AL

2:00 pm